The Don't Panic Success Guide to Sentences

Save Our Sentences: Join the Revolution!

Who Am I?

Lucy Cripps is a writing specialist totally convinced by the power of the Holy Grail of writing: sentences. So I’m writing a book about it.

As a senior lecturer at University of Salzburg and former Deputy Head of English at a school in Reading, she knows sentence types and sentence problems from all angles and all levels.

Contacted by the International Press Institute because ‘she really knows her stuff’, she was commissioned to write its 60th anniversary Press Freedom Heroes glossy coffeetable book Words of Freedom, and overcame her childhood disappointment of a writer’s rejection, which also lead her to publish another, more mature, piece of creative writing — a short story – in Stories for Sendai, a charity anthology for Japan; most recently the award-winning international journalist Daoud Kuttab asked for her fab sentence-construction and writing help, so she’s working with him on  Sesame Street, Palestine, his memoirs of taking Sesame Street to, you guessed it!, Palestine.

Teaching at University of Salzburg made Lucy realise how little she’d learnt about English, despite her twenty years as an English academic and teacher, and by standing weekly, terrified, in front of a class of BA English students, she learnt more about sentences than she thought was possible, which fuelled her passion for giving everything she was learning back to her homeland, and to the parents and children that had never been taught all this sensational sentence stuff.

** On a quick side note, I’m sorry that I can’t change the lowercase ‘i’ on the button — believe me, I’ve tried! **


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