The Don't Panic Success Guide to Sentences

Save Our Sentences: Join the Revolution!

What About Sentences?

The ‘Don’t Panic’ Success Guide to Sentences (a working title — one of many!) will first clearly explain what clauses and phrases are, go on to introduce simple, compound, complex and compound-complex sentences and how to recognise them, then will explain what sentence fragments, choppy, run-on and stringy sentences are, as well as shine a light on the mysterious comma splice. It will also cover a few rhetorical and emphatic structures, which may sound scary but really aren’t!

With fun examples, images, analogies and occasional exercises to get the brain thinking, this brave renewed world of sentences will open up for both cover-to-cover readers and those who’d rather dip in and out. It’s not an exercise book, and it’s not a textbook, it’s not academic, and it’s not heavy-going. What we have here is a gap about to be filled.What

The ‘Don’t Panic’ Success Guide to Sentences is Eats, Shoots and Leaves meets Horrible Histories for grown-ups: a humiliation-saving device for professionals, parents, and prestige-hunting students/

Sentence types and sentence problems aren’t difficult things to grasp, but few people are aware that they even exist. Those that hear about them and want to learn about them — possibly because they are now appearing in primary and secondary curricula — will find that grammar books written for children don’t go into enough detail for adults, but often the books written for adults are convoluted, sleep-inducing tomes for linguistic students or professional writers, and they usually assume a solid understanding of the terminology and the basics. There’s no happy middle ground. Until now.


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