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Meeting the Mentor

I had a wonderful chat with my supervisor — Kelly Thompson — yesterday. It’s great to really have a chance to talk everything though in real life, and rather fun to have another person focussed on the book as well.

She helped me to get to grips with how the book should look and to define the audience more clearly.

I have a couple of people, of friends, that I’m writing for, in my head. I know these people so well that if I focus on writing just for them, I should be able to keep the voice strong relatively easily.

So, the plan is to go with a more food-focussed book: use baking and cooking analogies to explain how sentences work and how to put them together so they work scrumptiously. In Grammar and Writing, the class I’m basing the book on, I’ve already used a cake analogy to describe subordinate clauses and their importance within a sentence.

The idea came out of the video pitch I made for the last taught unit on my MA (I got another distinction for it … getting a spot embarrassing!).

(Given the changes Kelly and I discussed, obviously the title will change! And PLEASE excuse the dreadfulness of the production: I’m a writer not a designer!)

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Kelly and I also decided to keep well away from it being an exercise book (happy with that!) and not just explain how to create the four different types of sentence, but that I also explain WHY any type of sentence might be chosen, and the effect it will have on the reader. Now we’re venturing into my other classes — Writing Genre and Advanced Writing Skills — which I’m more than happy about.My research mission now is to make sure that all the sentence components fit naturally into foody analogies. Surely that means I’ll have to do a fair amount of eating over summer to inspire ideas.


Imagine my horror at the idea of trawling recipe websites, eating food and thinking about sentences. What a way to spend the summer! How I shall miss the marking. Hehehe! (And for those of you that struggle with irony, I absolutely can’t wait to get started with the research! Yahoo!) I’ll keep you posted.

The book is shaping up nicely in my head, and I know where I’m going with my research. Only a couple of weeks to go until the end of semester and that glorious time when I can just lose myself in a world of writing.

Bring it on!