The Don't Panic Success Guide to Sentences

Save Our Sentences: Join the Revolution!

Why Me?

on 06/05/2012

Why I’m the person to write this

Because I’ve stood in front of that first class of students who appeared to know more than me, and because I have read and read and read and read almost every book there is about sentences, then taught the same course many times. I know this. And, perhaps more importantly, I still remember life without this knowledge.

I am still dazzled by the way understanding sentence types and sentence problems has changed my understanding of writing and my confidence.

Above all, I feel like I have a secret to share — the answer to the many questions I had as a student, I now have. I love those ah-ha moments that I see when students and friends realise that what I’ve just told them really could make a difference to their writing. Being able to do the same for the Brits would really make my day!


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