The Don't Panic Success Guide to Sentences

Save Our Sentences: Join the Revolution!

Who Cares?

on 06/05/2012

There are three obvious groups that need this book: professionals, undergrads and parents of school-age children.
Parents who have no awareness of sentence types and problems, but who want to support children nonetheless; professionals who need to write reports, e-mails, letters and brochures: anything that requires them to put their professionalism on paper; students who have no idea why their paper is ‘awkward’ or ‘clumsy’.

Educated, thinking, interested, motivated people who know there’s something they’re missing, but just not sure what. They’re likely to be broadsheet readers, Channel 4 and BBC watchers; they listen to Radio 2 and 4; they’re either graduates or middle management level and up, interested in self-improvement. They like to know what’s going on in the world, and they’re not wholly averse to a spot of celeb-watching or a bit of harmless gossip.

Essentially, The ‘Don’t Panic’ Success Guide to Sentences is written for the professional person I was three years ago–interested in language, interested in communication, interested in not looking an idiot in my online and offline writing.


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