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Baptism of fire: Baby steps into sentences

on 06/05/2012

A couple of years ago, I stood in front of a class of uni students and had to teach grammar and writing skills, but I knew barely anything about either.

As I read and studied and taught and dodged heart attacks weekly, I began to realise this stuff was stuff I really should have known for a very long time, especially given I had a degree in English and was a fully fledged English teacher.


For the last three years, I’ve been flying the flag with increasing confidence where it comes to grammar at sentence and paragraph level. Two things that I’d not once been taught as a student despite asking a LOT.

So here I am, convinced that sentence types — simple sentences, complex, compound and compound-complex sentences — are the key not only to better writing, but also to faultless punctuation, that hallowed turf and the thing that English teachers bang on about with little actual knowledge or ability to teach (and I can say that because I was one of them!).

Over the coming ten months, I will be getting my manuscript ready to send to publishers, so, please, join me on this thrilling journey into the unknown.


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